My porch lights are wired with 12-2. I want to control the ceiling fan, i.e. light and fan independent of other porch lights. I believe this requires running a 12-3, which I wont do. Having said that can I still install/attach a wireless remote to the ceiling fan, granted the other lights will be left on but have ability to turn ceiling fan light on/off and or control fan with the remote realizing the other porch lights will remain on? Or can I install a dimer switch to dim the other porch lights and control ceiling fan light /fan with remote?

  • I believe OP has existing lights that aren't part of the ceiling fan fixture.
    – TomG
    Jul 7, 2014 at 14:08

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Yes, you can purchase a remote control module that will allow you to independently control the fan and the light. Most modules only require a hot, neutral, and ground wire to operate.

Here's a wiring diagram from a random fan remote, installation guide (PDF).

Wiring diagram

The receiver gets power from the house wiring, then determines which leads to energized based on the buttons pressed on the remote.

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