My apartment has double hung windows, but they are quite narrow (~19.5 inches at the screen, 22 inches at the opening). I'm currently using a portable air conditioner, but I'd really like to use a standard window fit model.

There are a variety of compact AC units available whose physical dimensions are smaller than the opening, but state they require a minimum window size larger than I have (23 inches, for say a unit that measures 18.5 inches at its widest point). Can these units be made to fit, by say not installing the side panels? Anyone tried this and made it work?

enter image description here

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The accordion side panels should be removable (in fact the AC is probably sold with them detached to make a more compact box). To seal the window you'll need to put something else to fill the gap between the side of the AC and the window frame. A small piece of plywood cut to fit would probably work.

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