I live in Cambridge, England and I would like to buy a small wooden shed (about 4 meters square) to store my tools and a freezer but as I never bought one before I don't know the important features. I saw wall thickness of 12 millimeters and 14 millimeters but I don't know if it's enough or not to resist the wind.

Which other features are important? Are wooden sheds better than metal sheds?


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Things I know about sheds ...

  • Sheds need a proper base.
  • Things stored in them will rust (your freezer will too).
  • Sheds need a proper base.
  • Wooden sheds have an expected lifetime of about 10 years.
  • Sheds need a proper base.
  • Sheds blowing down isn't a big problem for sheds in typical UK gardens.
  • Sheds need a proper base.
  • Wooden sheds are probably easiest to hammer nails into.
  • Sheds need a proper base.
  • You will want to hammer nails into your shed. Things hang on nails.
  • The floor will rot because your lawnmower drips water onto it.
  • Sheds last longer if carefully maintained.
  • You will neglect your shed and it will gradually collapse.
  • All sheds are too small because you fill them with precious stuff that metamorphoses into unidentifiable junk.

A good way to decide on sheds is to look at ones that have been standing on display in garden-centres for a few years. Look for broken handles, misaligned doors, water stains etc.

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    And they need a proper base :-) Seriously, though, I have to agree with that. Otherwise the walls will shift and crack over time and you will be unhappy. Don't expect it to just hold itself together as a cube. If it is on uneven footing, it will sag and then your door won't shut right, and so on.
    – Grunthos
    Commented Jun 12, 2014 at 14:54

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