We have one of those hoop-style mosquito net that hangs off a single hook.

When we first put it up, we hung the net with a small brass hook--the kind that you just screw into the ceiling with no wall anchor for lightweight stuff. Maybe not ideal, but we already had it on hand and it seemed to work ok.

Until...our son either jumped or sat on the net or rolled on it and the whole hook fell out of the ceiling with the net. We could just replace the hook with a larger hook that has a wall anchor, but I'm a bit concerned about whether if he rolls, yanks, or jumps on the net, it's going to either rip a bigger hole in the ceiling and/or rip the net in half. Is there a way we could attach the net so it would safely detach from the ceiling if it is yanked sufficient tension that won't result in it falling down every couple days?

  • very carefully. Very big spikes... little humor here. – shirlock homes Jun 1 '14 at 23:35

Use coaxial cable clips. Don't screw the flap side in. Also the part that you screw in, leave a small gap so that you can tuck a little of the flap side in.

I have two cable lines in my basement laundry room that I switch (don't ask). It holds the cable great which is heavier than a mosquito net and with a good tug my cable is on the ground. Of course this will work better if you screw into wood and if you aren't then you want to use some sort of anchor. You can play with the "tug rate" needed for collapse by how much you tuck in and how tight it is. Really with a mosquito net this could be very loose. And the small screw holes can be easily concealed after.

enter image description here


Perhaps velcro would work for you.

You can buy adhesive-backed velcro strips or squares. Use the adhesive to stick the velcro to the ceiling, and to the net.

If the adhesive doesn't hold onto the net, sew some velcro to the net with a little thread.

If the adhesive doesn't hold onto the ceiling, hang a short loop of velcro from a better ceiling hook.

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