I have a guy going into a rental unit of mine to put in vinyl tile. I told him specifically that I wanted it under the base of the wall's wood molding (similiar to this stuff).

He was put off by this idea. Told me he wanted to use caulk instead and that it was a better option. I insisted because I thought he was corner cutting and he went under the molding like I had requested.

My question is though, now after researching this. It doesn't appear to be that much of a cut corner as I originally took it.

Is it common practice to caulk around the edges of vinyl tile in a kitchen instead of going underneath wood paneling?

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Caulking from vinyl to quarter round isn't a very long-term solution. The quarter round is small and flexible, the area is dirty, it sees a lot of traffic, it gets dirty. The caulk will fail within a year or two of use and have to be scraped and redone. Putting the flooring under the quarter round with no caulk is a much better solution.

  • Okay thank you. I am happy I insisted on this option then Apr 8, 2014 at 14:39

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