I am looking for a highly transparent material that is available to buy in 0.1 mm thick film/sheets.

The only one I am aware of is PMMA (aka plexiglass) but I haven't been able to locate a supplier of such thin plates/film.

Do you have any other suggestions? (It does not have to be particularly strong, but highly transparent)

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  • 0.1mm is impossibly thin for anything that's not just an adhesive glass covering or anything. You'll have a lot more options if you can tolerate greater thickness. – iLikeDirt Mar 18 '14 at 17:40

If you are good with "film" there are many options - mylar (polyester), whatever grocery store plastic wrap is, heat shrink window film (polyolefin, perhaps?)

If 50x75mm is sufficient size (you didn't specify), #1 microscope cover glass (thus - glass) is 0.13-0.17mm thick, and is available (at least) that large.

4 mil (0.004") is a pretty typical thickness for overhead transparencies, available at any office supply store. That's almost exactly 0.1mm.

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