I want to disassemble a broken hair dryer (just to see what's inside), but I just found out it uses a weird tamper-proof screw I had never seen in my life. Trying to google for it doesn't help much; I still could not find its official name.

It's like a standard flat screw, where the central part has not been cut, and looks like this from above:

unnamed screw head

It looks a bit like an "H", so I tried looking for "H screw" and got a few Google hits, but I find very few of them, and they look mostly related to watches.

I find it appalling that Philips (the hair dryer manufacturer) needs to put such tamper-proof protection on such a common household appliance, but I suppose they have their legal reasons to do so. However, without knowing the name of the screw, I can hardly find where to buy a screwdriver for it!

If there is an official name for this screw, please enlighten me. I found a screwdriver photo on the Internet, but it seems to be small and related to watches. My screw is a "standard small appliance size".

  • I would use an old flat-head screwdriver and my Dremel with a thin, flat metal grinding disk to cut the screwdriver blade to fit.
    – getterdun
    Commented Mar 6, 2014 at 23:22

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It's known as a Spanner Screw. It sometimes is slots, other times two small holes.

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