My contractor included "re-tank" toilet in work that he said he had completed in a list of works to be carried out, but we are still having leaking. What does re-tank mean and how do I know that its been done. I think maybe it hasn't!

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    If the job included 'fix the leaking toilet' and it's still leaking, then I don't think you care what exactly he did - he needs to come back and fix it! Commented Feb 18, 2014 at 13:38

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I would take it to mean that he either installed a new tank on the toilet bowl, or re-installed the existing tank.

This might be done:

  • If the tank was damaged in some way.
  • If the tank was leaking at the tank-bowl union.
  • To change the look of the toilet, without replacing the entire unit.


It could also mean that he installed a new flush, and/or fill valve assembly.

This might be done:

  • If the toilet was leaking.
  • If the toilet was running intermittently.
  • If the toilet was not flushing properly.

Fill and Flush Valve Assemblies
NOTE: There are various types of fill and flush valve assemblies, these are simply two of the more common types.

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