I just added on to my pole-barn garage, it now has 1500 square feet. There is a single flourecent (and door opener) lighting it currently. I would like to add some serious lighting as I work on my cars, and do woodworking in there, unlike the previous owner.

The ceiling height goes from 12-16', is this too short for high bay lighting?

Is there something more economical than high-bay?


I'd probably try for a mix of natural light, fluorescent, and point lights.

The natural light will be the most economical, but obviously fails at night.

The fluorescent lighting should give you enough light for most working conditions.

And the point lights should help for when you need to do detail work or get under the hood of your cars. You can find point lights on articulated arms, that way you can just grab and move the light to wherever you need it. Mounting an arm or two on each pole would probably be enough.

  • I talked with a lighting guy at Menards, he thinks 4 HO 8' fluorescent lights would do the trick, and after seeing them in action, I agree. They are also cheaper up-front and use less electricity. Thanks – Matt Dowell Jul 23 '10 at 13:36

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