I have a front-loading electric Whirlpool dryer (LER4634PQ0) that's got a sagging drum, making it noisy and causing it to soil clothes. I first noticed it via brown marks on my clothes caused by a beat-up and scorch-stained felt rear bulkhead seal. After replacing that, I noticed that the support rollers were torn up to high heaven, so I've ordered replacement parts.

My problem: It looks like the rollers may have rubbed/melted along the support groove at the back of the dryer drum. There's a black rubbery coating inside that groove that does not seem to be factory-original. As far as I can tell, it's composed of some of the missing mass from the support rollers.

It's slightly tacky and feels like a high-friction rubberized coating. It is a rather thin and smooth layer, and it's not evenly spread along the groove. There are no chunks or rough spots that I can see.

Should I worry about leaving this stuff on the drum after replacing the rollers? Will it provide the wrong amount of friction or significantly reduce the life of the new rollers?

If this gunk is a problem, how can I best remove it?

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