Our business has track for track lighting, but the previous tenants took the fixtures with them when they moved out. I want to buy and install some pendant and spotlight track lights, but I'm not sure whether I have to look for models compatible with a certain standard, or if I possibly even have to stick to the same brand as the track manufacturer.

I think the manufacturer of the track is Juno, but I'll have to double-check whether it's line-voltage or low-voltage. Once I figure out the voltage, should I be able to buy any track lights, or are they all standardized/universal so that I can buy any fixture of the proper voltage?


No. First as you have mentioned there is line and low voltage. If you are not sure what to choose from pick line voltage - you can always put it on a dimmer to get what you need. The low voltage tracks in my opinion are junk because they only allow a certain amount of light, and the transformers go out or hummmm after a while. That is just my opinion on this - people will say you can find more selection of light bulbs with low voltage and there are special circumstances where this is right but you can order a lot of stuff easy on the internet now.

OK back to your main question. No again. In the US there are three main types. See the picture below.

enter image description here

Get a ladder and take a look at your track or take a picture on your phone. The Juno tracks I have seen have been j-style but you need to look because they are a huge maker and I am sure they have made each style.

  • You may be able to take an end cap off to get a better view of the track. – Chris Cudmore Sep 25 '13 at 13:50

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