I have an 8 Gal CH air compressor (HM700099AV). Purchased about 3 years ago. Used for a few months, then stored behind other items in a shed and never drained until a year later. At that same time, the bottom twist valve (underneath the tank in the center - it's an upright tank) broke off at the stem. I used another smaller tank since then but want to try and fix the 8 Gal tank now. Air leaks out the hole in the bottom of the tank now where a broken valve was.

The bottom twist valve broke off and I think a thin rod about 12-15" long came out. I don't recall as it was a couple years ago and I had 5 kids running around that day. I put the tank aside again, but am taking a shot at it today. It was about $160 new and worked great when it was cared for properly.

If a rod did come out, what parts do I need to fix it?
Is it possible that this not worth it to repair?

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I'm not sure what the rod might have been, the inside of an air tank is pretty simple.

Replacement drain valves are available in a variety of configurations, and generally they thread into a nut welded into the tank. It's then just a matter of finding an appropriate replacement valve (relatively easy) and removing the old one (probably much harder).

replacement valve

To help get the frozen valve out, you could (should) try penetrating oil to free what are almost certainly frozen threads, but you may need to step up to using a torch to apply heat to help break the part loose.

  • I agree with heat but use caution as the tank is a pressure vessel getting it two hot can fatigue the metal.
    – Ed Beal
    Dec 2, 2015 at 20:26

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