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Just moved into a new apartment so I had to change my dryer plug.

However, after countless tutorials and videos I am a little confused with the current set-up. Is it right that the green(ground) and the white (neutral) are directly on top of one another? I see the ground screw to the left but nothing is on there...

So my question is when I install my 3 prong how will I ground it? Do I need to buy a ground wire and somehow attach it to the ground screw?

Tried to attach a picture but wouldn't let me because I did not have 10 rep.

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  • See my answer to this question. Also note that in a 3 wire configuration, there is no ground wire in the cord. The cord is instead made up of 2 ungrounded (hot) conductors, and one grounded (neutral) conductor. – Tester101 Aug 12 '13 at 16:55