There was a 1" and 2 3/4 PVC ran to the wrong location they brought them up on the front corner of the house about a foot away from the edge . The subpanel is located a foot and a half from the corner on the side of the house

It is too close of a run to try to use PVC I am going to be using the liquid tight to turn the 1" and the 2- 3/4 by using LL's to bring them towards the corner use LB's at the corner and up to the subpanel. In between the condolets will only be a foot.

There are only 2 90's in the runs currently

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It very much depends on how many bends are already in the conduit. Odds are that you will need an accessible pulling point (junction box or LB/LL/LR) if you're going to add a bunch more bends to get where it goes, in order to remain at or below 360 degrees of bending between pulling points.

Liquid-tight is the nastiest stuff for pulling in. PVC is much easier, so sticking with PVC is probably a better idea.

Will update if you post pictures illustrating the problem. But those points apply regardless.

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