I'm rebuilding my deck. 20 x 20, 10 foot spans in 2x10 joist between an h-beam structure. It goes over a garage entrance/car alley.

My local big-box store offers something called

Simpson Strong-Tie LUS ZMAX Galvanized Face-Mount Joist Hanger for Exterior 2x8

which I was planning to use for hangers. The only approved screws I can find are

Simpson Strong-Tie Strong-Drive SD CONNECTOR Screw 9 x 1-1/2 inch 1/4-Hex Drive, Mech. Galv.

Simpson Strong-Tie Strong-Drive SD CONNECTOR Screw 10 x 2-1/2 inch 1/4-Hex Drive, Mech. Galv.

Is this the right screw to use? Wouldn't stainless steel give me a better/longer lifespan? Or is the use of a galvanized hanger making it moot anyway?

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    Sometimes using different metals together causes problems/reactions, mainly with plumbing and some electrical. So using galv screws on gavl plates is good, where stainless or other metal might be bad.
    – crip659
    Commented May 24 at 19:46

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Simpson has manufactured building ties and associated anchors for decades. Don't you think they have some experience to lean on?

They are reputable and I would rely on their recommendations rather than a guess. Besides if conditions are such that the galvanized hanger deteriorates, what is the stainless screw going to hold?

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