I have an old home from the 1920's. It has a faux fireplace w/ no attached chimney. It appears to be originally added when house was built.

There's a 4" galvanized metal cap on the wall below the mantle. The cap has no screws to remove it. I'm guessing it's similar to this one: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Master-Flow-4-in-Round-Duct-Cap-DC4/100396932

More pictures and video at https://imgur.com/a/unknown-wall-cap-plug-underneath-faux-fireplace-z26erOS. This includes a video I took from a camera scope that gives a view behind the cap/plug.


  1. What this cap/plug is for, i.e. why was it added? I took a camera scope to look behind the cap and there's no duct work from what I can tell so unclear what the purpose of it is.
  2. How best to remove it? My goal is to put fish some low-voltage cabling through it. It seems firmly attached but not sure if that's just the paint.

Faux Fireplace Wall Cap

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    Is this an outside wall? If so, perhaps there originally was a wood stove or similar item in this location venting straight out the back and they capped the hole. Commented May 14 at 1:42
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    Yes, it is an outside wall. A wood stove would make sense. I didn’t see any artifacts of that on the scope camera but maybe the angle wasn’t right. Thanks!
    – ravishi
    Commented May 14 at 5:02


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