I want to replace a standard light switch with a smart switch which requires a neutral wire. The box has a neutral bundle with 6 wires already. Can I remove one of the neutrals, connect it with a neutral pigtail off the smart switch, and take another neutral pigtail and connect this new bundle of 3 to the original bundle?

If not, is there anyway other way to add my smart switch ?


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You can have two sets of neutrals if there is a jumper between the two sets.

One neutral set of three plus a jumper and one set of three plus the jumper and neutral to the switch. The jumper connects the two sets.

The wire nuts have a specific range of wires they connect together.

The jumper must be the same wire size. The wire nuts must be rated for the size/number of the wires.


Sounds like a job for a Wago 2773-408 connector. Its 8 wire push-in connector. Look in local electric shop, they should be able to sell you one piece. Hardware stores may also have them, but packed by 10, and you only need one.

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    Good suggestion, though for homeowner DIY I would recommend a $15 investment in an assortment of Wago 221s and then for this job use a couple of 221-415s. The lever ones are much friendlier to errors and maintenance.
    – jay613
    Apr 18 at 12:48
  • Its good to buy more than you need - I suspect a 10 pack is cheaper than ~3 individual items, and having spares in stock saves a shopping trip next time.
    – Criggie
    Apr 18 at 23:24
  • The price depends on the shop, the local electric store has similar price to 10-pack, because they pull them from 100 piece bag. You don't really need many 8 wire connectors, they rarely come useful, except in situation like this with pile of neutrals. OP can make informed decision how many to buy and which version, I personally prefer the mini series for taking almost no space, and lever is not needed for things that are not expected to be disassembled.
    – Thomas
    Apr 19 at 14:07

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