Is there a common trade name for a sheet metal shear that cuts by removing a strip, so as not to deform/bend the sides of the sheet like tin-snips do?

What are these things called:

metal shear

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    That’s a nibbler of some description. I’m hoping a tin banger will chime in with specifics. Commented Apr 2 at 22:10

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It's a Double Cut Metal Shear


Double cut shears are so called because they use two separate cutters which remove a thin strip of material as the tool is advanced through the material. In this respect they leave a wider kerf, like nibblers, but are much easier to clean up after. They also cut with minimum distortion, as long as they are kept fairly straight; double cut shears do not excel at curved cuts, and are not suitable for heavier duty applications like single cut shears. However for many applications in light gauge sheet metals, they provide a quick, easy way of producing a clean cut that preserves the shape and structure of the metal without creating excess waste.

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