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How do I install a bidet T-valve here?

I’m trying to install a handheld bidet on the toilet. This is the one I’d like to install

enter image description here

Unlike other toilets, there isn’t much space to install the T-valve. Any ideas on what I can do here? How do i make more space for the T-valve there, is there some extension pipe that I can get?

The pipe in the pic reads 7/8” ballcock, 3/8” comp, 12” length

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Yes you buy the 7/8 ballcock extension hose.

ballcock extension hose

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    I would think this would normally be called a "pipe" or "hose", not a "cord"... Usually "cord" is for electricity or trussing up your prisoner, not running water through. ;)
    – FreeMan
    Feb 27 at 13:05

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