I've got an old bathroom faucet without identifiable markings. Additionally, I can't figure out how to remove the handles - the cold water handle is rusted and likely needs a new cartridge. I suspect there is some way to turn or pull the handles the handles, but they won't come off and I can't loosen them from beneath with a basin wrench. I'd like to save them if possible.

Any help would be appreciated.

mysterious ancient rusted faucet Picture from bottom

  • That little knob on top might ply off showing a screw under it.
    – crip659
    Commented Feb 21 at 22:53
  • What does it all look like from the bottom?
    – gnicko
    Commented Feb 21 at 23:31
  • Please take the tour so you know how to respond to answers. We're not a discussion forum, so all information must be in your question.
    – isherwood
    Commented Feb 22 at 16:07

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I have this same faucet but can't recall if it's a Pfister or Moen, but I think Pfister. Got it a Lowes. It took me some time a few year ago to figure it out, but crip659 is correct... The little knob on top comes off to reveal a screw for removing the cap. Use a pocket knife or other thin blade to get the knob off. Don't let it go down the drain!

Lowes or HD sells the cartridges but be sure to get the correct one... they're different for hot or cold. Very easy to replace with a small adjustable wrench. Generics are much cheaper than OEM.

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