My electrical service has a meter outside, followed immediately by a 200A breaker, then feeder wires head into my basement and supply a “main” panel with another 200a main breaker. This main panel has the ground and neutral bonded. My question is, should it? How would I know if the ground and neutral are bonded somewhere else outside?

There was a previous “main” panel inside that had no main breaker, just the feeder wires into the lugs, and that old panel did not have a bonded neutral/ground. I bought this house a year and a half ago and it had an electrical fire before I bought so I’m a little paranoid about that whole thing, and just want to make sure it’s good. enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

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    Who is your electrical utility? Feb 15 at 2:44

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In your case you can make the main breaker the inside panel. Label the outside disconnect according to NEC 230.85(3).


Now. Your old panel has a dog's breakfast of random breaker types, and your new panel has the exact same thing but much worse. This does not work. The various breakers are not interchangeable - they seem to fit, but they cause a bus stab burn-up and panel fire. And didn't you say that's why you replaced this panel?

And that 50A GFCI breaker at bottom left is just a disaster. It's a mismatch (looks like type MP / QP), it's not seated properly, and it looks like it's being pulled to the side. That's gotta be corrected, as well as all the other non-BR breakers.


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