This is the air handler in my attic. The attic is over 90 degrees (it is sealed, there is spray foam on roof) There is a lot of air leaking, most notable from around the breakerbreaker panel leaking temperature in area

How do I stop the air from leaking?

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A "lot" of air may not be so much compared to what the unit is delivering to its intended destination; think volume comparison. That said, use additional foam to seal holes between non-moving parts, but minimally over electrical cables carrying significant current (mains vs thermostat/controls).

I have an electric furnace with breakers mounted on the front of the housing like yours that has a soft plastic (vinyl?) cover that keeps treated air in and water out, while still allowing manipulation of the breakers. They look like this (I'm sorry I don't have a photo of mine; it's in a rental unit.). If you rarely have to flip the breakers, you could simply cover them with plastic cut from a bag, taped to the surrounding surface.


The front panel around the breakers appears to be bent, and in on place bent extensively, so it is not sealing closely against the breakers. See the red arrows:

arrows at bent places in panel

Bend the panel back to flat, and it will probably seal against the breakers better.

If lots of air is coming into the area behind the breakers, there may be a missing panel inside the unit behind the panel covering the breakers. Try looking for missing panels that should cover the heated air output.

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