After seeing some new water damage on the ceiling below my bath, a plumber told me to try regrouting my shower (there were gaps and cracks in the old grout).

How should I approach this area at the bottom?

The tub is at an angle. Before, there was some very, very thick caulk that was peeling away. Should I recaulk?

You can see the edge of where it was before. Do I keep layering caulk until it fills the entire space?

I'm a new DIYer. I can tell whoever did work on my home before did a shoddy job, and I'm trying to do things correctly this time. (This sub told me to buy silicone caulk, so I've bought that.)

All suggestions and tips are appreciated. Thanks!!

area of shower with large gap

The Shower

Another angle of the area in question

  • Assuming 4"x4" tile, I estimate the gap's widest measurement around 1/2". Is that right?
    – popham
    Jan 14 at 0:14

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You don't want to (re)grout this area. Nearly all areas where the face of a tile makes a corner should be caulked, because planar joints tend to flex a little bit. Grout is rigid, and can't handle flexure, whereas caulk is flexible and can. I would remove the grout and use caulk (you can usually get color-matching caulk). Use some backer rod if you can fit one in without it protruding too much.

The gaps along the edge a problem only insofar as they allow water to get in and run along the wall to the apron of the tub. Your tub otherwise has a flange behind the tile that prevents water from leaking behind. But if the water runs along the edge and down the apron, that's a different story.

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