There's an area of my ceiling that has rather suddenly (in the last week) started creaking when the wind blows.

It's at a juncture with a wall, right below the attic, and it is very localized (at least it sounds like it is coming from a very specific spot, above some crown molding). I'm planning to go into the attic to look at it. What should I look for, and what else might it be? (I don't think it's the actual crown molding -- I can't reproduce the sound by pressing on the crown molding. But this crown molding is slightly cracked from some years back, presumably from some movement in this area.)


Trusses used for roof support? Peak wind can cause truss movement.

Look where wall plates intersect trusses. May be a nail sliding. Use a mending plate or hurricane tie to reconnect.

enter image description here

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