I accidentally put in a (fairly large) concrete anchor instead of the proper drywall anchor. As I’m trying to correct this, I’ve left the concrete anchor in place assuming this is better than removing it and was wondering if I can place the correct drywall anchor a few inches above or below? I’m hanging a 15 lb mirror that only has one hanging hole.



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If the old hole is a few inches away, then it makes no difference structurally if you put the new hole above or below or to the side. The only way that the old hole could cause problems is if you put the new one right above it (like, less than an inch).

But if the hanger on your mirror is right at the top of the mirror, then you probably want to put the new hole above the old hole, in order to hide the old hole.

Consider using a picture hook instead of a drywall anchor. They tend to cause less damage to the wall. Get one that's rated for more than the weight of the mirror, which shouldn't be difficult.

enter image description here

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