I'm researching a waterproof sealant that that will bond PPE (polyphenylene ether) plastic to concrete. I embedded a PPE channel drain section in concrete for use as an intake for a pond pump (pictures available). The basin is seeping water and i suspect the seepage is coming from the channel and the piping that penetrates the channel. I am exploring different products to create a watertight seal between the channel and concrete. I have tried “Flex Glue” but after its 24 hour cure time it easily detaches from the channel (i.e. does not bond).

  • HI, as phrased, this question is off-topic because product recommendation. It would be best if you don't ask for a product, but a method to achieve your goal. And people may respond with a product name, which is fine, Dec 4, 2023 at 21:34

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Scuff the surface. Consider a primer like Sika 205 for applications like this below the water line. Consider a "marine grade" sealant designed for under water use. Pay particular attention to the sealant's range of application temperatures this time of year.

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