I am currently in need of a new 240V circuit for a welder in the garage but my main breaker is full. Adding a subpanel seems to be the only solution that would be to code, but I have a couple questions on the specifics.

First, There is already a subpanel that is powering the basement, but its distance from the garage makes running 10-3 cable a bit difficult. Is it ok to have two subpanels?

Second, assuming I could install another subpanel, how should I reorganize the circuits? Would it be a good idea to move all lighting and misc (15A-20A) circuits to the new subpanel and keep the existing/new 240V circuits in the main breaker panel?

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    The answer may be different depending one whether you live in the USA, UK, Australia, India, Canada, China or Azerbaijan. It can help to mention your location. Jun 19, 2013 at 8:58

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It's nearly impossible for anybody to tell you if you can safely add a second subpanel, based on the information you've provided. It's going to depend on the service capacity, and how loaded the service already is.

Your best bet would be to contact a local licensed Electrician, and have them do an estimate on adding the new subpanel. They will come take a look, and should tell you what would be involved in adding the panel. This will give you a better understanding of what your options are, and an idea of how much it would cost to simply have a professional handle the job.

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