I have a Superior DR-500CMN direct vent gas fireplace that won't start. I have cleaned the Thermocouple and Thermopile. The pilot light stays on strong and has a clean blue flame. I tested the Thermopile and it was around 545mV, so that seems OK. I have tried to bypass the switch by manually connecting the two wires on the switch and also tried jumping the TH and TP/H terminals with a paper clip, yet the main burner still doesn't turn on. Does anyone have any other ideas before I resort to calling a tech to come out and look at it?

Here is the Pilot Assembly I have

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After testing the Thermocouple and also getting solid readings, I decided it must be a bad gas valve. Since Honeywell doesn't make gas valves anymore I got the closest replacement online that I could find (0820652 Sit 820 Nova Natural Gas valve). It wasn't a direct replacement, I hade to alter the original bracket to make it fit, flip the gas valve and reroute everything to the opposite side but it's working great now.

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