Had LVP installed in a second floor bedroom above the kitchen. Snap fit flooring, not glued down.

The contractor went ham on the subfloor after the carpet came out. When I asked, the contractor said hammering was setting subfloor to prevent squeaks, and that nail pop was normal. Seems excessive to me. Has anybody experienced this?

Pic shows decent sample - pops that just show through the paint, pops that dropped Spackle like a hole punch, and cabinet trim that also came off its finish nails from the hammering. There's about a dozen visible pops, and a drywall crack at a skylight corner.

Sample photo

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    This question isn't answerable because it depends almost entirely on the quality of the drywall work (and the cabinet carpentry, in your case). Nail/screw pops are almost always the result of either a gap left between the sheet and the framing or not hitting the framing solidly with the fastener. A careful drywall hanger will leave neither, so pops are extremely rare. Sloppy installers leave what we see here. (Drywall nails almost never "come loose"--they're ring-shank for a reason--and screws certainly don't.)
    – isherwood
    Nov 21 at 14:22
  • These didn't "come loose", they were loosened. Cabinet carpentry was more clearly suspect, though.
    – pkm
    Nov 21 at 22:37


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