The builder has a couple of jboxes for the upstairs cabinet lighting that is mounted flush with the ceiling.

I am finishing the basement and this area will have a dropped soffit ceiling in this area. Can I put an access panel in the soffit to be able to access the jbox or is it require to rerun longer wires to move the jbox down to the soffit?


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    How far from the finished wall/ceiling will the box end up? Your access panel (if allowed) probably needs to be big enough to allow a future maintainer to get both hands in to work on the box, not just to see that it's back there.
    – nobody
    Nov 20 at 14:53
  • @nobody it's about 12". What you said makes sense and I'll take that into account when assessing the viability of an access panel.
    – crichavin
    Nov 20 at 18:11

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Access panels are acceptable from an electrical view. I have been challenged a couple of times in commercial work about fire rating (I'm not familiar with residential fire codes).

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    You can buy metal access panels, though, if you're worried about being challenged on fire pro. (I assume the challenges were regarding plastic panels.)
    – Huesmann
    Nov 20 at 12:46

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