The limbs of the tree punctured the roof in at least two spots, so we're already looking at repairs. Upon closer inspection within the attic, I noticed that the ridge beam is just slightly splintered near one of the puncture spots close to the apex.

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Splintered Ridge Beam

I'm working on documenting everything to present to the insurance claims adjuster. I've dealt with tree on roof damage before; my previous experience was not great so I'd just like to get all my ducks in a row regarding what must be repaired.

How important is it that this fractured ridge beam gets repaired? Does the whole beam need to be replaced, or can it be "patched"?


As this is a 1x board, I take it this is a ridge board and not a true beam. If this is in an attic and there are ceiling joists below the rafters making a triangular structure, the ridge board has little structural value, it just serves to tie the rafters together, it does not support any vertical loads. In that case, nail/gluing patch blocks on each side will suffice as a repair.

If this is a true load bearing beam, (unlikely since it appears to be a 1x board) it would have needed to be replaced in it's entirety unless a licensed engineer could design a proper repair to the beam.

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  • I would also closely examine where the other end of the rafters tie in to make sure they are still firmly attached. – mikes Jun 15 '13 at 13:16

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