The Meter read LEv EL 2,changed to 02 .000000, changed to 01 059226, changed to 888 888888 8, changed to rE9, changed to 5yn c nEt and cycled through those non-stop. House was built in 1956. Interior panel doesn't have MAIN breaker. A master electrician told me I should always flip the MAIN breaker on the external panel when changing out things like a light fixture. That is what I went to do but I still had power in the house. When I flip the individual breakers on the interior panel, it 'appears' all power is off. I'm afraid to cut the wires to change out my outside light.

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    Can you post photos of your panel(s) please? Nov 18 at 23:51
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    Main breaker should turn off all power inside of the house. Lights are off/clocks don't work/no tv/no internet. If you still have power with main breaker off, I would contact your power company/ or electrician to check. Turning off main breaker is good if you do not know which inside breaker controls a circuit, but turning off inside breaker/s should be enough unless working on the inside panel itself.
    – crip659
    Nov 19 at 0:07
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    Would you clarify what is meant when you say you still had power in the house? Eg only the meter continued to show its readings, or certain lights or outlets in the house continued working while others lost power, or everything stayed powered as normal, etc.
    – Greg Hill
    Nov 19 at 0:53
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    House built in 1956, this could be a Rule of 6 panel and only one breaker turned off, leaving most of the rest of the house on. Please edit your question to include a picture of your panel and indicate which breaker you turned off. You're right to be cautious, but I'm sure someone here can help with a little more info.
    – FreeMan
    Nov 19 at 12:08
  • I am new to this format and don't know how to post pics. I do have pics and I have updated about power still on but it appears my question has been closed??? I have researched but just really don't know what a lot of stuff means.
    – Caroline
    Nov 19 at 15:13


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