I turned my garage into a woodworking shop. I currently have a single 20a circuit in the garage and I want to add more using the same 3/4 EMT conduit. I've installed 240a circuit so I feel comfortable doing this myself.

I was wondering if I add two additional 20a circuit with 12 gauge wire, can I add four outlets on each circuit (two outlets on a 2-gang box)? Total I will have eight outlets (four for each circuit) and total four 2-gang boxes. Since all circuit will be sharing the same 3/4 EMT conduit going in the same direction/run, can I use the current ground wire and add onto it?

enter image description here


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There is no code limit for how many receptacles on a circuit.

One ground wire sized for the largest circuit is good, but with EMT no ground wire is necessary at all.


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