I need to replace the toilet connector line in my bathroom (the old one failed catastrophically and flooded everything).

I'm stuck because I can't figure out what size is correct. The pipes are quite old and it appears that the old line used a no-longer-standard size nut to connect to the valve coming out of the wall.

1/2 FIPs is too large, 1/2 COMP is too small. The hardware store near me has a plumbing-specific thread checker board, but the nut on the end of the old supply line doesn't fit onto any of the threads.

I'm adding a photo of the old supply line and the valve -- ignore my temporary Rube Goldberg solution to the problem.

Does anyone have advice on how I can figure out what size I need and where I could buy the correct supply line and/or an adapter?

unknown size nut valve

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    Rube would have been proud of that ;)
    – Tetsujin
    Commented Nov 1, 2023 at 17:13
  • that is just asking for a flooded home
    – jsotola
    Commented Nov 1, 2023 at 19:30

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If the valve outlet is an odd size, replace it with a standard one.

It looks like you have a 1/2" threaded connection coming out of the wall. If you can shut off the water to your place (and confirm it's off before proceeding), remove the valve and replace it with a 1/2" FIP x 3/8 compression stop valve. You can then use a standard toilet supply line.

When removing and installing the new valve, be sure to back-wrench the nipple coming out of the wall.

  • Ok, I was starting to think this might be the answer. Thank you!
    – TGW
    Commented Nov 1, 2023 at 17:39

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