I have an 80 year old basement concrete floor that recent had asbestos tiles and mastic removed. It is in good shape, with a few hairline cracks. I am planning on painting it. The basement is dry, but humid in the summer. I will use it as a laundry room/crafting/doing projects on the work bench. I see that a good bonding primer is recommended.

My questions are:

  • I am on the fence as to whether I should use an epoxy paint or a porch and floor enamel(or another enamel type) paint. I want the paint job to last many years!

  • Should I put a concrete sealer wet look to help seal the paint? Whatever I put down, I want it easy to mop.

  • There is about 1/4 space between the concrete floor and the concrete wall, should I seal this with something before painting? Is is better to leave it open to give the floor a chance to "breath" If it better to seal it up, what product is best for caulking concrete?


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A true two-part epoxy will be the most durable option, yet the priciest. The active mixing agent, causes the coat of paint to dry extremely hard and durable. Valspar offers a great product that is available in a variety of colors. Valspar also has a clear epoxy coat to add extra protection to the floor coating and adds a glossy shine.

Valspar Garage Floor Coating

A cheaper route, and lesser in quality is using Seal-Krete's Concrete & Garage Floor Paint. It is labeled as an epoxy, but it is not a true epoxy since there is no mixing agent. However, the paint does dry hard for protection. Seal-Krete also offers Clear-Seal for a clear topcoat.

Seal-Krete Concrete & Garage Floor Paint

Either choice requires proper surface preparation. The concrete should be cleaned, etched and dry of moisture. Both Valspar and Seal-Krete sell concrete surface prep solutuions.


The epoxy paints are not really an epoxy. A real epoxy would have an activating ingredient. This designation is fake marketing. I do suggest you get a paint that is suitable for garage floor installation. The problem with painting a basement floor is the ease of scratching because usually you have metal storage things.

Yes to #2 because constant mopping will wear down the paint bonding.

3 is really a different question. Sealing this is outside of your paint project. We would have to have more info for this.

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