I am replaced existing drop in 2 bowl sink with a single bowl undermount sink. I knew the waste pipe was high but I am running into issues fitting the dishwasher wye tail pipe. Would a reversible p trap be a possible option (located in IL)

The pic below is the temporary set up we have now, the dishwasher drain is in the wrong place, trying to fix it.

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

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The packing material says "UPC" on it, i.e. Uniform Plumbing Code. It's explicitly designed as "Reversible J-B...." That's good enough for me.

The UPC references ASME A112.18.2, where this (110 USD) document prescribes design of traps. If a building official held my feet to the fire, then I would look for an explicit "conforms to ASME A112.18.2" on the packaging instead of that vague "UPC."


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