Potentially very dumb series of questions as I haven’t personally taken on many home improvement projects. We recently moved in to a new place. It’s a rental but a long term one and it was a bit of a dump so we got a deal because it needed a bit of fixing up. One room (my bedroom) has these heinous textured plaster wall. It genuinely looks like the landlord just slapped a bunch of plaster on with his hands and the texture is driving me insane. I haven’t wanted to paint until I deal with these walls.!I’ve researched it a little bit but I need some clarifying. my plan was to remove the paint, sand down the texture, and then apply a skim coat. But now I’m wondering if a skim coat is absolutely necessary. Is it okay to just sand it smooth and then prime and paint? Will that affect the durability of the walls? Could i even get them smooth enough? Again, I’m sorry if this is a very dumb question.

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    First ask the landlord if s/he is OK with you doing this.
    – Huesmann
    Aug 27 at 12:20
  • There's a possibility that your paint has lead, and sanding it carelessly is a massive health hazard. epa.gov/lead/lead-safe-renovations-diyers Aug 27 at 13:55
  • If you attach a pic of the texture, it may lead to more answers/ options.
    – RMDman
    Aug 27 at 14:27

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It can be done with right tools.

Get a sander with vacuum attachment (since there will be a lots of dust.

Regular sanding paper will quickly clog up.

Get a drywall sanding paper (mesh type)

more info here:


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