I have a glass & metal umbrella table that needed to have the metal frame glued to the underside of the glass. I flipped the glass table upside down on another table. I clamped the corners down and applied the GE silicone. I went to Home Depot and bought two more tubes. It is now twenty-four hours later, and it is still wet to touch. Where do I go from here? If it never sets up, then I cannot apply the next layer. With uncured silicone residue and re-apply because it will not adhere. What to do now?


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If it smells weird and never sets up, it's too old. The only way to fix things is to clean it up with acetone or mineral spirits and start fresh with a tube that is within expiration. If you bought the tubes recently and they were already expired, bring them back and exchange them at the home store.

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