Last summer we decided to get our garage floor coated with epoxy.

We had a section that was cracked (see first photo) and hired a concrete guy to repair it (see second photo). He put rebar every 16" to join the old and new concrete.

We waited a month for it to cure, then we had the epoxy floor installed by a professional.

The next spring, we noticed a long crack along the joint of the new/old concrete.

I am nervous that if we don't fix that crack, water will get under the epoxy and ruin the coating.

My questions:

  • Does it seem like the initial repair to the concrete was done poorly? Or is cracking at the joint normal?
  • Does anyone know how to fix the crack without completely redoing the entire epoxy floor?
  • If I fix the crack, should I expect it to get worse every winter? (I live in MN)

Old Concrete (before repair) enter image description here

New Concrete enter image description here

Crack in Epoxy Floor enter image description here

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With the temperature swings in your location, it will be about impossible to prevent old and new concrete from cracking along joints. Those type of cracks are common. (I would be amazed if you didn't get cracks.)

I would contact the company that did the epoxy. Ask them if the crack is an issue and what they recommend if it is. (A clear sealer possibly)

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