floor tile

Floor grout crack^^

enter image description here

Wall cracks

New construction (built in 2022) - 1.5 years old.

Noticed cracks in my grout in the shower and then noticed a crack in the grout on the floor. I showered once in the morning and then not anymore after that after noticing the cracks.

There are drops of water coming out, particularly when i tap the tile ABOVE where the crack on the floor is.

I know grout is porous and so was wondering if this was normal. I believe theres a moisture barrier behind the wall. My thoughts were to wait till it drys - then patchup/regrout some of the cracking on the wall and floor.

My concern is theres still droplets of water slowly coming out of the floor grout crack. I don't think theres a leak as I checked around and below the floor of this shower.


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I would have expected less water with a small crack like that. So, I would be inclined to think that there is a leak.

  • While grout is porous, they add a compound to make it water proof (downunder anyway). But water will get in via the cracks.

  • If you are able to not use the shower for a few days, do that and see if there is still water at the bottom. if there isn't then its just the grout.

  • I would get it repaired soon. Even though there should be waterproofing under/behind the tiles, it is best not to test it but letting water get behind the tiles.

  • Its best practice (again downunder) to have one vertical grout line flexible, to allow for expansion/contraction and very slight movement.

  • thanks i let it go for a few days and it dried. i regrouted the wall (there were multiple cracks like the one i shown) and i think im good now
    – Mr.Vo
    Aug 25, 2023 at 18:14

Grout is cosmetic, i.e. it performs no essential waterproofing function in a properly constructed shower enclosure. Then again, bad shower installs are common as dirt.

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