I recently cut out channels in the wall to install a new outlet and cable pass throughs for a Samsung Frame TV in my office. I used a cutout tool so have the original pieces intact. In terms of the repair - mostly concerned about the results - is it OK to re-use the existing pieces with new drywall screws and mud over that? I cut stud to stud so have ability to mount back to studs themselves. Or should I cut fresh drywall and do the same? I have all of the materials and tools necessary so only consideration is whether ease of reusing the cutout pieces will result in a good finish. If re-using, should I tape joints? They are tight so was going to feather edges to allow mud to penetrate a bit. Thanks in advance for the advice.

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    Before you cut, I would have advised you to make your cuts at an angle, in towards the hole. Then you could have place mud into the edges and pushed you piece back in, a touch more in than the wall. It would have made the skimming repairs easier with less feathering.
    – Evil Elf
    Aug 2, 2023 at 12:51

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Reuse the pieces you cut out.

You feathered the edges, so it sounds as if you know what you are doing.

I prefer to tape and mud, but in a pinch I have just mudded the seam and got no cracks. It depends on how much movement there may be in the framing underneath.


You can use the stud-to-stud piece you have. You should use a tape, otherwise a slight pressure from someone resting their hand near it could make it separate. It is a fair amount of work to plaster and paint it so that the join does not show up.

One word of warning though: make sure it's not labelled bracing or braceline. If it is then you should replace the whole sheet. Around here it is blue in colour.

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