I got an old washing machine From my grandparents but I can't seem to fit the hose into the tap. There are in my opinion 2 problems, there are 2 male connections instead of a female and a male and I think the size is not right. Thanks so much for your help!

The hose to the washing machine: enter image description here

the input washing machine

The faucet: enter image description here

  • a side view of the tap, and what the washing machine model is (to double check the manual) might be helpful. There's generally adaptors - and also, you have two female connectors. On our tap, there was a screw in bit that converted to something the washing machine could fit into. Is the washing machine end threaded, or something that looks like a push connector? Commented Jul 15, 2023 at 15:25

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A female connection on the outlet side of a tap is unusual. As Journeyman Geek said, a side view of the tap could possibly show that your solution is as simple as removing a female-female fitting to expose a male thread that your washer will connect to.

If it is indeed a female outlet on the tap, make sure there is a gasket in it before you connect a male-male fitting that your washer will connect to.

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