Can you run a 2-2-2-4g AL-MHS 400' electrical wire to a treehouse that will have an 80 amp maximum?

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Sure, if you don't mind the voltage drop. Unless you are in Canada and have to mind the voltage drop.

If you are sizing by the 125% rule, an 80A service should have a planned load calculation of 64A or less. A planned load of 80A would need a 100A service and larger wire unless this is the service drop from the meter for the treehouse as a standalone residence (not a subpanel feed from another building.)

64A will be a bit more than 6% voltage drop at 400 feet on 2 AWG Al.

80A would be closer to 8% voltage drop. Slight variance depending on power factor of the load.

If the actual load is lower than either of those, the voltage drop will also be lower.

  • Thank you, this helps. I live in NY and this is a sub-panel coming from main house, 200 amp service.
    – Triple C
    Jun 27, 2023 at 12:58

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