What type of primer should I use my basement bathroom walls? New moisture resistant drywall has been installed, taped and sanded, and is now ready to be primed.


Very simple, don't waste $$$ on fancy primers. For new drywall, do not use high hiding or shellac based primers. Use PVA sealer/primer. Amen! See my other answers on primers and sealers.

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Any quality primer with mold/mildew resistance.

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BIN primer

I am guessing this is for a bathroom. Always good to get a good primer but the top coat of paint is way more important. Sherman-Williams makes a Bath Paint(?). It has a 5 year warranty for mold/mildew. I am sure there are many other similar kinds but this is what I have used. Also if you want moisture out of your walls, high-gloss is the best and flat is the worst...

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  • Also (and quit reading if you are on the green team) an oil based paint with at least a semi-gloss - couple coats - is almost bullet proof in a bathroom. It will also allow you to clean up dust/dirtiness. – DMoore Apr 30 '13 at 21:03
  • Good luck trying to by oil based interior paint. Last time I was at the Sherwin-Williams store they mentioned that they are not allowed to make it anymore and they are only allowed to sell what is left in their stock. – auujay May 1 '13 at 13:41

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