I changed the diverter stem for my 3 handle shower/tub. We only use the shower but when I turn the diverter to tub the water drips a little from the diverter handle. Being we never use the tub I will just leave the diverter turned to shower as it does not drip on the shower selection.

What is causing this to drip when I turn the handle to the tub selection, as it's a new diverter valve stem? It's a Price Pfister diverter valve 4.25 inches in length. I made sure I put the washer in place before installing. The seat was still ok no nicks or briars so I did not change that.

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It sounds like the seal is still not performing at 100%. Try removing it again check that it didn't get nicked during the first assembly and reassemble with a little Great White compound on the stem.

  • Thank you... I'll try that. I did Teflon tape the threads single layer prior to installing. I will take it apart again and look at it. The faucet is 7 years old.
    – user168133
    Jun 11, 2023 at 17:44

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