I don’t know what these connectors are called but when I connect my compressor to the spray head via the male connector it doesn’t seem like a solid connection and leaks air. Is there something else I should use? air sprayer connector

compressor connection

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    If that's a finish (paint, lacquer, ...) sprayer then you may want a coalescing filter and other bits'n'bobs to keep compressor oil and other contaminants out of the finish.
    – HABO
    Jun 4 at 22:57

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The top one is a hose barb. You slip a hose with a hose clamp onto it and tighten the clamp.

The bottom one is a female half quick connect/push-in connect. You need the matching male half.

There are a few different designs and I do not think all of them work together/mix match together.

  • Thanks for the help here, I bought the right part and everything works great now!
    – devshorts
    Jun 12 at 23:39

You need both the male and female fittings to be matched. The best bet is to buy them in a set. Male and female set is here

Some stores have a color coded tape on the fittings. Buy a male and female fitting with the same color and they will work together.

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