I’m running two 3/4” conduits coming in from the front yard into the house. I suppose I could use two lb conduit bodies for each conduit run but could I use an empty junction box (say 4x4x2) instead? Would be a bit tidier than 2 conduit bodies next to each other attached to the siding.

  • This is indoors, right? If the junction box is outdoors you'd likely have to go with a weatherproof box.
    – Armand
    May 31, 2023 at 20:04
  • Outdoors… so yes definitely weatherproof. Home Depot have a few Carlon ones, I need to drill holes for the conduit adapters.
    – steveSt
    Jun 1, 2023 at 3:32

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Sure, that's fine.

As far as fill, when a junction box has nothing but passthru wires in it (so it's acting like a conduit body), then its fill rules work the same as a conduit body (not likely to have a problem).

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