I bought the hose reel in the pictures below and I'm looking to install it on my exterior wall that has vinyl siding. I tried to do some research on the best way to attach hardware to vinyl siding and couldn't find much (or my Google skills aren't great, that's a likely possibility. Based on the limited info I was able to find I can think of two options:

Option 1

Of course, the reel didn't come with any instructions but given that this thing needs to hold a decent amount of weight and that the mounting holes are 16" apart I think I can safely assume I need to install it onto studs so:

  1. Drilling some holes and attaching the reel directly against the siding
  2. As mentioned here I could cut larger holes and use some kind of spacer/standoff (thin PVC pipe?) to keep the reel off the siding but attached to the house

Before I go drilling/cutting holes in my siding I wanted to see if either option is worth doing or if there's a better option to get this thing attached. Thanks!

Pictures Hose Reel Front Hose Reel Back Siding


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Just don't. Put a post in the ground and mount to that. Putting holes in maintenance-free siding should be a last resort.

  • This feels like a non-answer but I decided not to punch holes in the siding because it just seemed like I would be asking for trouble. Thanks for the advice!
    – amura.cxg
    May 2, 2023 at 3:22
  • I agree, it doesn't answer your question. Call it a frame challenge.
    – isherwood
    May 2, 2023 at 12:44

When I mounted exterior speakers to vinyl siding I inserted some thin wooden blocks underneath the siding. Get a vinyl removal tool to pop out the siding. Place your block underneath. This will give you a solid surface to screw into.

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