We have this thermostat. It's no longer allowing the temperature to be adjusted. It will control the furnace on/off, it just won't allow the temperature to be adjusted. Date & time are still able to be changed. The seasonal weather is about to change and so must the inside temperature.

We're considering replacing it with a Nest. (No opinions please. I've personally used a Nest for almost a decade and there's never been even 1 issue)

When I answer the questions for compatibility at the Nest website, it says it's not compatible.

  1. Does anyone here have experience using a Nest in a similar configuration?
  2. If the Nest is not compatible, is there a similar thermostat that is? Remote (internet) access to the thermostat would be nice but isn't a deal breaker. If there are wiring differences, as there would be with a Nest (the Nest doesn't have all these connections), is there some place where I can find the proper connections?
  3. This thermostat uses V & L connections. I haven't been able to identify what those do. Does anyone know?

I appreciate any assistance provided.


A front view to show what it looks like, in case it helps anyone identify the model The label on the inside identifies this as a White-Rodgers 1F95M-1295. Little to no information available on that model. A slightly clearer image of the existing connections

  • please disclose all the equipment you have, like dehumidifier, zone controller .. do you have 2 stage cooling, 2 stage heating
    – asinine
    Apr 8 at 2:21
  • 1
    Can you post photos of the wiring at your air-handler please, as well as its wiring diagram? Apr 8 at 2:40
  • I don't have current access to the site but digging around identifies the following: Furnace: Reem (manufactured for White-Rodgers) model number: RGFE AC unit model number: AC: (-) ARL-JEZ16SEER No zones - single thermostat. By connections, it appears to be 2 stage cooling, single stage heating. I've figured out what V & L are. The V connection is PWM. The L connection is an error return from the AC compressor. There's no wiring diagram - hence my issues. I wish there was. I could probably figure it all out with one.
    – AIVAS001
    Apr 10 at 21:06


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