We have a Gould JRS5 shallow well jet pump. Our water tanks were emptied for cleaning. Now that we have refilled them and turned back on the water pump, it cycles on and off continually. Water pressure is consistent and good in the house, however even when water is not running in the house it cycles on, pressurizes up to 60, turns off, the pressure drops to 40 right away, and then the pump turns back on. Any ideas?

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It sounds like the tank is water logged, no air in the tank to pressurize the tank.

Did you leave a tap/faucet open to let out the air when filling the tank the first time?

If so drain the tank about half way, make sure all taps are closed and then turn on the pump.

This is assuming you do not have air bladders in the tank.


Open faucets in the home and wait till water comes out.

It sounds like you have huge air bubble build up after drain and cleaning the tanks.

If you have a vent valve on the tank open it and let the air out.

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    NOOOOO! Excess air in a pressure tank is hardly every a problem. whats usually the problem is a water logged tank meaning NOT ENOUGH AIR. NEXT make sure you don't have any leaks. Turn off the main valve from the tank and see if the problem remains. You didn't provide enough info for me to make a better guess, but you may have a defective foot valve that is allowing backflow from the tank into the well. Mar 19 at 1:14

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